Webeye strikes just 3 days after connection

New customer Selous Security apprehends thieves just 3 days after connecting a Videofied system to Webeye.

In the early hours of the 1st September 2014 Selous were alerted via the Webeye phone app of an intrusion on a construction site in Loughborough.

They had connected the site to Webeye only 3 days earlier and were new to the software, but it seems the giant leap of faith paid off when they received the alert.

Shortly before midnight, 2 intruders went into a fenced compound where the system detected an intrusion. The first images Selous saw was of them walking across the compound but the next ones were of them shining a torch at one of the cameras followed by them trying doors of a cabin.

The Selous team were too far away to respond so alerted the police who attended the site promptly.

Selous were able to provide a description of the intruders and their direction of travel. The information proved invaluable and the police soon found both close by and they were subsequently arrested.

After arrest the police established the intruders had broken into a further site nearby, they also located their vehicle and found stolen tools from a third location.

We had used Videofied before but this was the first time we had used Webeye. It was a great first result, they have been charged with 3 offences.
Barry Caunt, Managing Director of Selous
Barry’s company responded in an exemplary fashion, due to their quick thinking, controlled approach and site knowledge, they were able to direct the police which lead to the arrest. Selous should be commended for their actions as Webeye only works when someone responds instantly and with the skill demonstrated by them.
Clive Mason, VDT’s Managing Director and the developers of Webeye

Selous Security LTD is based in Sutton-in Ashfield, Mansfield, Notts and operate in the East Midlands providing protection services mainly to the commercial sector. If you wish to know more about what they do or are interested in their services why not give them a call on +44 1623 553308

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